The smartR way

Committed to developing life-changing applications based on the evolution of interactions, behavior changes, and emotion detection.

Our services

With our focus on consultancy, smartR AI’s expertise lies in behavioral intelligence, interconnections to IoT and smart devices, generative AI, online applications, and how AI applications can be used optimally to understand, interpret, predict, and respond to complex scenarios.

As intelligence moves to the edge of the network smartR AI is all about doing things the smartest way.

AI enables organizations, and especially SMEs, to compete more easily within their markets and with larger players, while improving their ability to deliver impactful customer experiences. Using advanced AI technologies and techniques, smartR AI ensures you both enhance productivity and collaborate with humans to maximize your workplace impact, safeguarding your organization is future-proof.

With smartR AI we can help you capture your company’s spirit and help to make your messaging more in line with company values by:

  • Harnessing the transformative power of AI to revolutionize human productivity.
  • Optimizing operations, streamline workflows, and empower your workforce with actionable insights.

When you partner with smartR AI, we consider every step of your AI implementation so that you get the most out of it from the start. This means that the cost of AI implementation should not be prohibitive, as it’s tailored to your immediate requirements.

smartR engagement

We are driven to implement new products that require us to think deeply to find the right solution for each customer. We listen to your ideas and turn them into reality. Through our expertize and diversity of knowledge, we ensure clients benefit from high levels of adaptability. The team knows how to build products with the latest AI techniques and how best to help you integrate AI into your product.
Our customers are treated professionally with frequent and excellent communication. Throughout the entire engagement process, you will feel as if smartR AI is an extension of your development and engineering teams.

smartR deployment process

Our proven methods guide you through the process of integrating machine learning and AI into your applications.
And our engagement process ensures you stay involved from start to end.

Meet the team

Based in Scotland, the team has experience delivering solutions in behavioral intelligence and the embedded market spaces, working for customers worldwide within the fields of machine learning, machine vision and robotics. Ensuring our engineers stay ahead of the curve with all the latest breakthroughs in AI and ML is an absolute must for smartR AI.

With more than 20 team members, you benefit from our combined 50+ years of industry experience; software engineers with a deep level of understanding of the systems engineering market; processes and methodology that comes from 100’s of production-based designs.

Our achievements


“smartR AI and the team are thrilled to have received this award for all the great work we’ve been able to accomplish this year. Our achievements using the latest AI techniques have made a significant difference to our clients’ products and their applications within life sciences. We couldn’t have achieved this result without the team’s commitment to doing things the smartest way!”

– Founder and CEO of smartR AI, Oliver King-Smith


Corporate Vision Magazine’s Artificial Intelligence Award

smartR AI has been recognized as Best Global Life Science AI Solutions Provider – UK, 2022 for its ability to solve new and unique problems that are hard or even impossible to solve using conventional coding techniques. Of particular interest is the companies work in machine vision, 3D point clouds, and robotic control with human-like behavior.

About Corporate Vision Magazine Award

In it’s fourth consecutive year, the Corporate Vision Magazine award program covers a fine selection of businesses exceeding all expectations, and setting the bar high for future generations to come. These companies operate to make our lives easier, more productive, and safer by designing and applying innovative AI solutions.

Corporate LiveWire’s Innovation and Excellence Award

smartR AI has been recognized as AI Solutions Provider of the Year 2023, particularly for the development of its innovative wearable AI technology, the smartR watch, which offers access to a breadth of the wearer’s personal data gathered by sensors.  The smartR watch combines intelligent algorithms and sensors to provide an unparalleled view of the wearer’s physiological data.

About Corporate LiveWire’s Innovation and Excellence Awards

The Corporate LiveWire Awards represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields.  The Corporate LiveWire team is committed to identifying market leaders, innovators and enterprising start-ups through in-depth research, word of mouth and first-hand experience.