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Every smartR AI project begins with you

At smartR AI, we will spend the time to learn about your business and collaborate closely with your teams to develop a customized AI solution unique to you.

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Secure, private AI solutions by smartR AI

Leveraging years of award-winning expertise, smartR AI specializes in providing customized artificial intelligence models and tools that run securely within your own private ecosystem. Our core strengths include:

When considering adopting AI a major concern within organizations is that the competition or others get access to their data. At smartR AI, we prevent this happening by working with your organization’s volumes of data within the security of your own private data ecosystem. 


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For business applications we have SCOTi® AI

SCOTi is a private model for the enterprise. It unlocks value while providing privacy, security, compliance, and cost savings. Customized for each client, SCOTi delivers high-quality, tailored results to transform how organizations automate workflows and use their data.

For health and wellness applications, we have alertR™

alertR uses AI to monitor individuals’ health and behaviors, sending customized preventive and emergency alerts to protect the vulnerable. Using data from smart devices alertR identifies deviations from normal patterns to anticipate outcomes.

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What our clients say about us

We have a genuine customer base for our AI services and we are grateful to receive their feedback on our service.

Michael Mahfet

VP & GM, Aerospace / Defense

“Oliver and his team at smartR were outstanding partners. Very nimble and easy to work with. Highly recommended.”

Alexis Higgins

Project Manager

“smartR AI really felt like part of my team. They really cared about what they worked on and went the extra mile when we had deadlines.”

Steve Baskerville

Engineering Manager

"Working with smartR was absolutely the right decision for our project. The team was dedicated, professional, talented, and an absolute joy to work with. Oliver and his team have both the drive and talent required to take on the world's most challenging technical projects."

Kevin Grundy

CEO, Opsis

“smartR AI works closely with Opsis. Their deep understanding of AI helps drive product development and has created patents for Opsis”

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Chairman: The Financial Crime Forum

"I've just had a long discussion (the sort where I start off with "I know nothing, explain it to me") with ... smartR AI . So nice to find a company that says "tell us your problem and we'll build a model" instead of "this is what we do, now let's change you"; one that doesn't build its models based on data from e.g. #ChatGPT ; and one that openly says "older technology is easier, cheaper and more effective for many applications."I especially like the "job first, then tech"

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