What we do

smartR services using innovative AI techniques.

smartR AI specialty services

As a consultancy company we specialize in AI applications, the interconnection of behavioral intelligence with IoT, and generative AI.
Our intelligence-based proprietary platforms, SERLE and alertR™, form the foundation of our AI developments and implementations.
We bring interoperability and interconnectivity to worldwide ecosystems and networks.
We are developing an extensive data library, with historian attributes, which clients can use.

IoT & behavioral intelligence

A behavioral intelligence-based alerting system;
alertR supports and protects vulnerable individuals, those requiring safety precautions, and property.

  • Safety and support
  • Efficient alert messaging process
  • Personalized and effective messaging
  • Interconnecting to devices and close contacts


PID control using Reinforcement
Understand and manage your large data sets like never before.

  • System control
  • Improved performance
  • Better classification of data


AI can work for your automation

The latest push in a number of markets is automation.

  • Optimization Reinforcement
  • Learning for continuous improvement
  • Monitor for system degradation and/or problems


Train to see objects and obstacles that talk to your neural networks;

  • Identify defects
  • Classify images – for example, what foods people are eating
  • Improve focusing
  • Resolution enhancement

smartR generative AI

The field of generative AI has made tremendous progress in recent years, and the application of such technology presents opportunities for improvement in many sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education.

The smartR myGPT™ engine (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of large language model (LLM) neural network that can perform various natural language processing tasks such as:

  • Chat models
  • Auto-predictive models
  • Translation models
  • Summarization models
  • Conversation notes taking models
  • Question answering models
  • Code and data generation models (synthetic data)
  • And more….

The smartR AI Deep and Machine Learning model capabilities are ready and able to work with large datasets.

One area where generative AI has the potential to make a significant impact in is behavioral intelligence, which involves the study and interpretation of human behavior patterns. By combining behavioral intelligence and generative AI, powerful tools can be created to enhance a person’s quality of life through personalized guidance that takes into consideration the individual’s habits and schedules.

The real-world applications of generative AI and behavioral intelligence in promoting healthier lifestyles are numerous. These technologies can be integrated into wearable devices, mobile applications, and smart home devices to provide a seamless and continuous support system. Check out the smartR watch, where we can integrate smartR myGPT and alertR technology and applications into this highly customizable device.

Sales, marketing, and customer services, as well as technical support departments, can benefit from GPT for intelligent data harnessing. By using the ideal GPT model vast amounts of data that were saved, but previously difficult to access, can be instantaneously available through the engine.

To learn more about how you can implement smartR myGPT into your business model, contact us today.

The smartR watch by smartR AI 

The wearables market is rapidly expanding, providing a wealth of biometric data about people. Getting access to this data for novel applications is hard, as most of the watch vendors only provide a small snapshot of pre-processed data at the application level.

With a smartR watch you can get access to all the raw sensor data. With our unique patent pending combination of sensors, you get an unrivalled view into the physiological data of a watch user. And smartR offers complete customization of the watch algorithms to meet your specific needs.



Security is built in to the watch from the start. Each watch has a chain of trust so it will only communicate with trusted devices. Any data moved to or from the watch is encrypted, and can only be decoded by trusted devices. We offer the capability for you to sign your own certificates to ensure complete data privacy in your eco-system.

The smartR watch provides an interactive experience for the user. A high-resolution touch screen provides feedback to the user. The touch screen can be customized for the application.

alertR algorithms allow us to detect when a user has deviated from base line. The patent pending combination of sensors in the smartR watch allows us to distinguish deviations from a person’s baseline physical response. You can use your own algorithms, or you can license the smartR algorithms for measuring biometric data.

To learn more, contact us for the full smartR watch information sheet.


Moving robots into the future

Incorporating the latest advances in motion planning, manipulation, 3D perception, kinematics, control, and navigation. Learn more, check out our Working smartR with MoveIt information sheet.

“MoveIt is a flexible and comprehensive framework, easily adaptable to the user’s needs, that can address anything from single motion to complex multi-step tasks in an efficient   and modular way” Robert Haschke



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