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behavioral intelligence
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Committed to developing life-changing AI applications based on the evolution of interactions, behavior changes, and emotion detection.

smartR for the future

We believe AI will herald the next generation of product and software innovation. And the next generation of successful companies and leaders will be those who understand and use AI for good. With the right guidelines, AI can not only open up new use cases for companies, but also accelerate, extend, or otherwise improve existing ones.

With our focus on behavioral intelligence, interconnections with IoT, and generative AI we implement AI applications using innovative methods based on real world complex situations. Our team is driven to develop new products that require us to think deeply to find the right solution for each customer.

We invent tomorrow’s products today by breaking free from pre-programmed rules. As intelligence moves to the edge of the network, smartR AI is all about doing things the smartest way.

Behavioral intelligence

Understanding, interpreting, predicting, and responding to complex scenarios to solve real-world problems and optimize decision-making. Read more.

Interconnections with IoT

Connecting to smart devices, sensors and online applications, providing an efficient process for collecting, connecting, and relaying information. Read more.

AI applications

Using our intelligence-based proprietary engines, SERLE and alertR, to ensure optimal efficiency and performance, improve quality, and reduce human error. Read more.

Why choose smartR AI?

At smartR AI, we develop AI applications to understand, interpret, predict, and respond to complex scenarios. We know how to best integrate AI into your product, adding value to your existing system and products.


smartR AI utilizes AI technology and techniques within your organization’s own business ecosystems and network paving the way for improved interoperability and interconnectivity, rapidly taking your organization beyond that of your competitors. By choosing and using specific AI tools, businesses are able to refine workflows, boost teamwork, and create exceptional customer experiences, releasing previously unexplored growth potential in the digital sphere.

A major concern within organizations when considering adopting AI is that the competition or others get access to their data. At smartR AI, we prevent this happening by working with your organization’s volumes of data within the security of your own private data ecosystem.

Our expertise and diversity of knowledge within AI lead to high levels of adaptability, and our methodologies and results are targeted for production ready code and shipping products.

Be smarter and leapfrog your competitors by harnessing the power of AI today

Tomorrow will be too late to gain the competitive and market advantages AI has to offer. Working with your data today−gathering, cleaning and curating−is an investment in your future while enhancing your productivity and consistency.

The heart of good AI, is clean data.  Time invested building and curating your data now will just keep paying back with each new wave of AI.

Utilizing AI technologies, business leaders can automate mundane tasks, use data analysis to gain intelligence, make decisions more effectively, collaborate more easily with staff, and offer tailored learning experiences. These capabilities enable organizations to optimize operations, drive innovation and gain a competitive edge in today’s digital era.

Your benefits:

  • Productivity enhancement: AI has the potential to increase a business’s productivity, allowing it to compete with larger players.
    • Humans and AI collaborate to maximize workplace impact.

  • Creating structure out of chaos: AI can help you unlock the potential of your organization’s prolific amounts of data.
    • Data is your treasure trove; Through AI you get the ammunition to beat your competitors by harnessing your unstructured and hidden data.
    • By utilizing your unstructured and hidden data, AI captures your workers’ knowledge and makes it available to everyone in the organization now and in the future.
    • It is nearly impossible to create order from vast database chaos: With AI, you can learn from and make sense of a multitude of data points that are collected in different data silos.
    • Extracting meaningful insights from vast amounts of data can be a daunting task
  • Faster to action: AI guarantees a speedier and smarter response and the ability to automate mundane and time-consuming tasks:
    • Reduction in human errors: Utilizing AI can significantly reduce human error and increase accuracy and precision. The decisions that AI makes at each step are informed by previously collected information using a specific set of algorithms.
    • Reduction in repetitive tasks: Today’s workplace is overburdened with repetitive tasks that don’t help customers or businesses. – Regain that time and devote more of it to activities that generate value by utilizing AI as an active partner.
    • Reduction in repetitive messaging: Customer messaging can be precisely tailored to their profile and requirements by utilizing AI.
    • Higher and more consistent quality of work output, especially relevant within service sectors. You can even use AI to QA the output from your employees.

Make AI smarter with AI startR™ 

The smartR AI startR program provides companies and service providers with the resources and expertise for their initial stages of AI adoption.

Act, work, live smartR

Leveraging the power of smartR AI technologies and techniques to your organization’s own business ecosystem and network, smartR AI paves the way for enhanced capabilities that will rapidly differentiate your organization so you stand out from your competitors.

Embrace AI the smartR way with AI startR

AI startR helps companies and leaders to imagine, build and launch their initial AI pilot projects within their organizations with minimal risk and huge first mover benefits.

Why not implement AI to refine your workflows, boost teamwork, create exceptional customer experiences, and minimize your CO2 footprint (ESG)? You too can release previously unexplored growth potential within the digital sphere by utilizing the appropriate AI tools for your organization’s challenges. And it will integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP and Office suites.

At smartR AI we work with organizations to ensure your AI implementation supports stronger human connections rather than replacing them. Maintaining the human element in every AI project is a primary focus for our team. After all, it is people that make a company.

Unlock your wave of new opportunities through the smartR AI startR program today. Read more now, download our AI startR flyer, or contact us for an introduction Oliver, Neil and Greg.