The smartR way to live

smartR AI, inventing tomorrow’s products today.

A smartR way to work

Focusing on behavioral intelligence and interconnections with IoT, sensors, devices, and online applications, we use AI applications to understand, interpret, predict, and respond to complex real-world scenarios. As intelligence moves to the edge of the network, smartR AI is all about doing things the smartest way.

    Our clients benefit from our expertise

    • Behavioral intelligence: gleaning intelligence from the internet of behaviors, smart devices, and IoT to provide a safer and more effective environment.
    • Connections with the IoT: allowing for more efficiency within the realms of interoperability and interconnectivity in our world of smart gadgets.
    • AI applications: using machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, generative AI, recommender systems, and neural networks – along with IoT devices.

    Projects & Partners

    smartR AI is using the latest AI techniques:

    • For vision and 3D reconstruction and data AI applications for a Wellness App.
    • A color space transformation to enhance image quality for a medical company.
    • To utilize robotics to pick up irregular objects for a tech company.
    • For control and optical variance AI applications to visually inspect products and control software in the biosystems industry.
    • An intelligent home kitchen appliance that responds to variations in ingredients.
    • An object tracking system that allows warehouses and manufacturing companies to streamline workflow.