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smartR AI finalist in the IET Excellence and Innovation Awards 2023

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as a finalist for the IET Excellence and Innovation Awards 2023!

We have been shortlisted in the Health Technology Award category for our innovation alertR, a behavioral intelligence-based alerting system providing speedy support and assistance to protect vulnerable individuals.

The smarter way to live

The alertR engine reduces risk for users through personalized predictive and preventive actions. By identifying and understanding unique user behaviors, characteristics and habits, alertR analyzes and determines deviations from personal norms and the severity of the deviations. The alertR application keeps users constantly updated. Status and progress can be monitored through a dedicated dashboard, phone, wearable or website. And all at extra fast speed with AI, by making sense of vast volumes of data effectively.

We’ll be finding out if we’re the winner at the awards ceremony at Glasgow Science Centre on 15 November.

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